Bee Klug M.B.E.

Incredibly moving is the story of the remarkable woman Bee Klug, who, while she lay terminally ill following a botched operation, prayed to God and made a vow that if she survived she would devote herself to creating a centre which offered all complementary therapies under one roof to people who couldn’t afford to pay for treatment. Bee Klug was cured with the help of homeopathy and naturopathy.

The Wessex Healthy Living Foundation which has treated thousands of patients 40 years is a living testimony to the power of the Mind and the Will, and an inspiration to those seeking a role model for what is possible.

Bee founded The Wessex Healthy Living Foundation in 1977, making homeopathic treatments available to those who cannot afford them. In 2003, Bee received an MBE in the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Honours for her work. Bee was also the co-founder and Honorary Life President of the Anne Frank Trust, having been inspired by meeting Anne’s late father, Otto Frank, in the 1960s and hearing his wish to see an educational organisation in his daughter’s name in Britain. Bee  took  an active role in the Trust  and in The Wessex Healthy Living Centre throughout her life.